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Hiking Bishop Peak and Other Activities

Bishop Peak by Jesse Palmer CC BY-SA 2.0
As spring approaches, the weather grows warmer and the days longer. It's a great time to hike, explore, and enjoy everything Paso Robles and its surroundings have to offer. A lot of fun things are happening this spring. Don't miss out on the best activities near Paso Robles, CA!

Bishop Peak Trail

Bishop peak is the tallest of the nine sisters, which are a collection of volcanic mountains and hills in western San Luis Obispo County. This crown shaped peak offers a breathtaking view of San Luis Obispo and the surrounding area. From it's summit, you can see the rolling hills as they stretch to the horizon. Of all the hikes in the San Luis Obispo area, Bishop peak is the most popular. 

This San Luis Obispo hike begins in the northwest and can be accessed via Brittany Circle ( 3.5 mile hike) or Patricia Drive (4.2 mile hike). The elevation gain is about 1000 feet to the top of Bishop peak, so come prepared with proper footwear, clothing, and plenty of water. The trails are dirt and rock with moderately difficult sections. Those who make it to the top are treated to some of the best views in the area, especially at sunset.

Bishop peak is also known for being a great climbing spot. Many climbers scale the large boulders at the top of the peak. If you are planning to spend some time at the top of Bishop Peak, consider packing lunch and having a picnic. There are places to sit and relax at the top. 
Bishop Peak by Jesse Palmer CC BY-SA 2.0
Bishop Peak by Jesse Palmer CC BY-SA 2.0

Paso Robles Studios on the Park

This unique collection of art studios showcases the creative process of different artists across different media including oil, pastel, watercolor, sculpture, glass, photography and more. This non-profit organization's goal is to enhance understanding and appreciation of the visual arts, and when you visit Studios on the Park, you'll see that they succeed. Visitors can admire local artists and their art at the frequent events and exhibitions put together by this unique group of studios.

Their current exhibition is called Portraits in Nature, which displays the power and beauty of the earth. It runs from March 6, 2021 to April 28, 2021 in the Paso Robles Art Association Gallery.
used paintbrushes in jar

New Display at Sensorio 

Sensorio lovers have something to get excited about this year! This unique art installation by Bruce Munro was scheduled to leave Paso Robles at the turn of the new year, but it's stay in Paso Robles has been extended! Even better? There's a new art installation, Light Towers, that will be open to visitors alongside the Field of Light installation.

This new art installation is composed of 6-foot towers constructed of wine bottles, paying homage to the rich heritage of wine in the area. There will be over 17,000 bottles illuminated with lights that change according to a musical score. This magnificent sight will be included in the regular cost of admission.

Sensorio will be opening April 15th and closing September 15th, 2021. Tickets are on sale now.
Sensorio by Ron Williams CC BY 2.0

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